Teach at Robert’s American School

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Robert’s is always interested in meeting current or aspiring teachers who want to make a
difference in education. We take very seriously our role and responsibility in shaping the minds and
lives of the young learners and welcome charismatic teachers to join us.

Teaching English language learners requires enthusiasm, creativity, and patience. Teachers must
foster a classroom learning environment where students feel challenged, confident, and work hard to
succeed. In addition to enjoying the culture and excitement of living in Taiwan, successful teachers
build strong and respectful relationships with their colleagues and bring a willingness to motivate
students and while 
nurturing their own instruction skills.

RAS looks for candidates who are outgoing, energetic, have a sense of humor, and enjoy working with children.

If you are keen to work in a professional, well organized, and foreign managed language school, send us an EMAIL HERE with your resume.

We have several open positions each year.


We often advertise for open positions on the Kaohsiung Teacher Facebook pages.

CURRENT OPENINGS:  We currently have no openings as of March, 2021. Check back Summer, 2021.

Teacher Requirements

All of our candidates must meet the following requirements as specified by the Taiwan Bureau of Labor Affairs.

• Be a native speaker of English holding a passport from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the USA
• Have a passport valid for at least the next six months
• Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. You need to bring your diploma to Taiwan.
• Be able to pass a general medical examination in Taiwan
• Be willing to commit to at least a one-year contract
• Have a clean national-level (FBI, RCMP, etc.) criminal background check from your

country of origin. You need to bring the report to Taiwan.
• Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree majoring in any field will be considered
• Applicants with a degree in Education or with a CELTA certification are preferred.
• Applicants with teaching experience are preferred.


EMAIL US with your resume and credentials.


Salary and Benefits

All teachers at RAS are under contract for at least one calendar year.

Health Insurance
All contracted teachers, by law, enjoy the benefits of Taiwan’s amazing health and dental insurance program.

ARC: Alien Resident Certificate
RAS provides a work permit and ARC (Alien Residence Certificate).

Contract Completion Bonus
All teachers are rewarded a contract completion bonus upon full completion of their contract each year.

Working Hours
Working hours are in the afternoons starting at 1:45pm and ending at 9:00pm. (Dependent on the day of the week.) A full time teaching schedule ranges from 24-30 hours/week. There are additional classes offered to teachers during our summer and winter camp morning activities.

Training Hours
All new teachers to RAS will be trained by the management staff through videos, face to face meetings, and class observations. Teachers are paid an hourly fee for their training time.

Summer and Winter Holidays
RAS takes a 3 week holiday every summer from mid-July to early August. We also take a 2 week holiday before and during Lunar New Year which falls around January/February. Other holidays follow the national Taiwan school calendar.

Depending on your experience and class hours, teachers at RAS can earn anywhere between 65,000-86,000NT per month. Teachers are paid according to their classroom teaching hours/month which can vary month to month depending on holidays. You can expect to earn 700,000- 820,000/NT per year after taxes. There is an increase in hourly pay for each year you continue teaching at RAS.